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Canine Respiratory Virus Update

Canine Respiratory Virus Update
March 14, 2024

As many of you know, in Fall of 2023, the nation saw a steep increase in cases of an upper respiratory illnesses in dogs. Your Highlands Animal Clinic team thanks you for your patience while we have monitored & navigated this hurdle due to the uncertainty of information surrounding this virus at the time of its peak.

After some consulting between our talented veterinarians, we feel we have enough information to provide you with a well informed update so that you may continue to best navigate your pup's health in good faith.

Peak outbreak in Colorado was documented in October of 2023. Since then, the number of cases we are seeing is decreasing rapidly.

What You Need To Know:

Was A New Virus or Bacterial Cause Identified?

No new viral or bacterial cause was identified. Multiple previously detected bacterial and viral causes were identified during the outbreak.

What Relevant Vaccinations Should My Dog Receive?

Recommendations are to continue your annual vaccines for your respiratory diseases such as Bordetella, parainfluenza, and canine influenza.

Is There Still A Risk Of Going To Dog Parks, Daycare, Boarding, Etc.?

Since there are multiple causes identified, there will always be a slight risk exposing your pet when visiting these places. Most affected animals are geriatric pets, immunocompromised, and brachycephalic (smush-faced) breeds.

Do I Need A Vet Visit If My Pet Is Experiencing Symptoms?

  • Currently it is being recommended to self-isolate your pet if they are showing mild symptoms of coughing, but are otherwise doing well with normal appetite and energy. Self-isolation is recommended for at minimum 2 weeks, but 4 weeks would be ideal due to potential infectious causes.
  • If your pet has a cough that is lingering for more than 10-14 days, is lethargic, inappetent, or has purulent (snotty) nasal discharge, a veterinary visit is recommended.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Thank you,

Highlands Animal Clinic Staff


Highlands Animal Clinic