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Lonny Dredla, DVM

Medical Director

Dr. Lonny Dredla was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska where he grew up enjoying spending time in the outdoors. At a young age, he developed a curiosity that soon blossomed into a love for caring for animals, not only the cute, cuddly ones but also the scaly, shelled, and slithering variety. Dr. Dredla received a bachelor’s degree in animal science from Kansas State University and a master’s in environmental biology from the University of Nebraska-Omaha before pursuing his passion to become a veterinarian. He received his doctorate in veterinary medicine from Iowa State University.

After graduating in 2016, Dr. Dredla and his wife relocated to wonderful Colorado. He enjoys spending his free time fishing, camping, and hiking with his wife and young daughter.

Lonny Dredla DVM

Highlands Animal Clinic